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Zura, Mya, and Nio by Allthestuffilike94
Zura, Mya, and Nio


(pronounced “zoo-RAH”)

-Species: Otter

-Age: 11


One of Duma’s old friends in her little band of thieves, Zura is the group’s mastermind, coming up with any tricks they can use to successfully pull off a job. She’s a sort of rival to Duma, competing for the role of “leader.”



(pronounced “mee-YUH”)

-Species: Squirrel

-Age: 9


One of Duma’s old friends in her little band of thieves, Mya uses her cute charm to distract would-be victims, while Duma, Nio, or Zura steals from them. However, Mya has the tendency to get distracted easily, much to the annoyance of Zura and Duma, as this usually blows their cover more easily.



(pronounced “NEE-oh”)

-Species: Skunk

-Age: 8


One of Duma’s old friends in her little band of thieves, Nio is the sympathetic, poor little boy of the group. With his big, sad puppy-dog eyes, he helps the group get away with stealing, should they get caught. If that doesn’t work, he (reluctantly) resorts to spraying victims with his skunk spray.

Myew the Al-Miraj by Allthestuffilike94
Myew the Al-Miraj


(pronounced "MEE-yew")

-Species: Al-Miraj

-Named From: "mieux," the French word for "better"

-Age: 19


 Like Pin, Myew also had a difficult childhood due to an unusual physical trait: in her case, a single horn growing out of her head. Her parents (which were normal rabbits) taught her as a child that her unusual trait was something to be proud of because it made her special. However, she went through life misinterpreting this lesson, thinking that it meant that having an unusual feature made her better than the "normal" animals. This has led her into living a more reclusive life, only befriending anyone she comes across that has what she believes is an unusual physical trait.

 Normally, Myew comes across as gentle and sweet, but it takes very little to make her lose her temper, which can lead to vicious and almost violent behavior.

More misled than evil, Myew’s heart is in the right place and her intentions are good. However, she stands very firmly by her beliefs and will even attempt to convert others to her way of thinking, however wrong her way of thinking may be.

The horn on her head contains magical abilities, which she uses for her own purposes. This makes her especially dangerous in that her horn provides her with a means of magical attack along with physical attacks.

Bo the Bunyip by Allthestuffilike94
Bo the Bunyip

-Beauregard “Bo the Beast”

-Species: Bunyip

-Age: 28



A large brute, Bo is the leader of a gang of aquatic monsters, one of the members being the kappa, Doro. He hates being called by his name, Beauregard, and would prefer to be known by his nickname, “Bo the Beast.” He feels that this name gives him more of a frightening reputation. He feels a need to protect this reputation by any means necessary. He relies on his brute strength and sharp claws and fangs to aid him in fights. 

My Completed Disney Infinity Collection 2.0 by Allthestuffilike94
My Completed Disney Infinity Collection 2.0
Well, I've once again gotten my collection of "Disney Infinity" figures up to date, with the addition of the MARVEL Superhero collection, along with the new Disney characters featured in "Disney Infinity 2.0."

The best part is, in about a month, the collecting continues, with the release of "Disney Infinity 3.0" with the "Star Wars" playsets, and the one I'm looking most forward to, the "Inside Out" playset!

I've come pretty far from the original "Disney Infinity" collection!

I'm gonna need more shelf-space!

Oh, and you can see my small collection of Nintendo Amiibos down in the bottom right corner, too...
Now, I'm sure this is old news to lots of you by now, but this is my first time seeing any of this!

These are a couple animatics for upcoming Season 5 episodes of MLP.

One, featuring a beautiful song in which a pony gets her Cutie Mark.

And another from the season finale, in which we see the return of the villainous Starlight Glimmer!

I'm totally hyped to see both of these episodes!!!


Allthestuffilike94's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm overall quiet in real life until I really get to know you and feel comfortable being myself around you. Online is a totally different story. I'm much more open around these parts.
As for my drawing ability, I do best drawing by hand, then adding the extra details on GIMP. I'm pretty good at imitating other drawing styles, but I prefer using my own.

Current Residence: Somewhere in Florida...what, did you think was going to give you the specific location?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: *shrugs*
Print preference: *shrugs*
Favourite genre of music: No specific favorite genre. It all depends on how it sounds to me.
Favourite photographer: Uhh...
Favourite style of art: Animation and cartoon
Operating System: *shrugs*
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano
Shell of choice: What's that?
Wallpaper of choice: I don't know...
Skin of choice: Raises right eyebrow in confusion...
Favourite cartoon character: Marvin the Martian
Personal Quote: "My thing about conformity is that if everyone is the same, there's no point in living. If you're not going to be you, nobody else will, so why not just be you? Nobody else can be better at being you than you. The way I see it, in a world where everyone's the same, everyone is everyone, but no one is someone."

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